Tiffany Cooper is a French Author and Illustrator. AFTER workING in an Art Gallery and FOR VARIOUS FASHION BRANDS, she left her job in 2012 and started a humoristic blog of her cartoons. This blog enabled her to have her 1st book published. She has since then collaborated with colette, K-Way, SunnyLife Australia, VANS AND MANY MORE. SHE has WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED three OTHER books, including Karl’s Secrets, a graphic novel about Karl Lagerfeld’s life, with whom she collaborated for a capsule collection and a touring exhibition in 2015. RECENTLY, SHE EXHIBITED HER WORK AT COLETTE IN PARIS AND LOTTE IN SEOUL. In 2018 SHE WILL COLLABORATE WITH EVIAN AND KIEHL'S FRANCE.

(portrait by VINCENT FERRANE)